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Organizaciones / Campaigns

Campaign to protect the right to privacy

Human Rights Foundation + Silent Circle

New York, Sept.4.─ The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has launched a partnership with global encrypted communications firm Silent Circle to protect the private communications of political dissidents, human rights groups, and civil society organizations in at-risk scenarios. As a first step, Washington D.C.-based Silent Circle will be donating hundreds of licenses for Silent Phone, the company's peer-to-peer mobile phone encryption service, to Tibetan groups who come under frequent cyber attacks.

"Whistleblowers, human rights defenders, and exile groups absolutely need this sort of technology to keep their communications out of the hands of governments. It is laudable that Silent Circle has recognized this need and is so generously prepared to publicly declare their commitment to be part of a long-lasting solution," said HRF president Thor Halvorssen.

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ChinaAid redoubles efforts for Christian prisoner of conscience Peng Ming

  • Kidnapped in Myanmar on May 28, 2004, illegally convicted on Oct. 12, 2005, of "forming and leading a terrorist organization" and presently in failing health after 9 years of detention, prison and tortures
  • His crime was to organize in the US a China Federalist Party, advocating free speech in a multi party system in China

Chinese political prisoner Peng Ming

Washington, DC, Jun.30.─ ChinaAid, a non-profit Christian human rights organization committed to promoting religious freedom and the rule of law in China, has redoubled its efforts in championing the case of Christian prisoner of conscience Peng Ming, making the rounds of the nation's capital with Peng's family to draw attention to his illegal conviction and failing health behind bars.

The recent effort was part of ChinaAid's ongoing mission to push for freedom of religion and promote the rule of law in China and to advocate on behalf of all the prisoners of conscience in China's prisons. ChinaAid has for many years been appealing for the release of such political prisoners as Gao Zhisheng, Chen Guangcheng, Alimujiang, Wang Bingzhang, Liu Xiaobo, Guo Quan, Yang Tianshui, Zhu Yufu, Liu Xianbin, Peng Ming, Chen Xi, Chen Wei, Yang Rongli, Ni Yulan, and others while providing humanitarian assistance to their families through various channels.


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Religious repression in China - Plead to help victims

  • More than 200 police officers and government officials in Henan province raided a house church (religious services are often celebrated in private houses to avoid represion), taking more than 50 Christians into custody and detaining eight of them on "criminal" charges.
  • That was one year ago ... now their case has gone to court. And, the result was not good –seven were charged with "cult activity" and they all received prison sentences –from the pastor to a few ladies who were making copies of the sermons 

Christian prisoners in ChinaMay 30.─ Last year police and government officials raided a house church in Hunan where 54 young people were quietly attending a Bible study class. Suddenly, more than 200 police and government officials surrounded the meeting place and took all the students away, including a mother and her one-year-old infant!

The entire police force of Ye county, officials from the township government, armed police and the fire brigade, and anti-terrorism police were all out in force to execute the police action. Police were also equipped with two water cannons. In addition, the Pingdingshan Public Security Bureau and officers from the police stations of two neighboring townships also assisted in the raid.

The Ye county Public Security Bureau has repeatedly refused to produce the legally required paperwork to the family of the detainees. Read more ...

Campaign to protect gang-raped women in India

The National Crime Records Bureau records 572 rapes reported from Delhi for the year 2011. This year 635 rapes had already been reported as of December 15, 2012, Rape is not a problem that afflicts Delhi alone. In recent months, we have seen a rising crime graph against women being reported from virtually every corner of the country including Haryana, Kerala and Bangalore.

Each time a rape is reported, civil society reacts with anger and outrage, which unfortunately dies down and is forgotten, until the next time. The question to ask: what is the inflexion point? At what stage do we say collectively and in one voice: Enough.

Many solutions have been offered in the light of this particular gang-rape and in the past. Some of these include:

  1. The setting up of fast track courts (as in Rajasthan recently) to ensure speedy trials.
  2. The imposition of maximum, exemplary sentence.
  3. The immediate clearing of all pending cases involving crimes against women.
  4. Immediate training and sensitisation of police force to crimes against women, including domestic violence, molestation and sexual assault.
  5. The immediate passage of pending bills that seek to protect women, including the Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Bill 2012 and the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2012
  6. Consultations with the Ministry of Human Resources to see how best to address the issue of sensitising boys through the school curriculum.
  7. National-level, open consultations involving civil society and other stake-holders on how best to tackle the growing misogyny and hostility against women as well as rising crimes against them.

One of the latest victims was 23, with dreams of being a doctor. But two weeks ago, she was gang raped by six men, savagely beaten and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. The still unnamed woman who has become "India's daughter" just died of her injuries in hospital.

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Demanda Ciudadana por Otra Cuba - Nuestra Posición

Dirija una nota de apoyo a esta posición
y a la Demanda Ciudadana a:
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La Habana, 16 de agosto de 2010


En el día de ayer, 15 de agosto del año en curso y mientras repartían la Demanda Ciudadana por Otra Cuba en una céntrica zona de la barriada de Marianao, fueron detenidos tres ciudadanos y conducidos a la 6ta. Unidad de la Policía Nacional Revolucionaria (PNR).

Al tener noticias de tal arresto, los que suscriben se presentaron en dicha Unidad para conocer los pormenores del caso y si existían cargos contra los detenidos. Después de haber conversado con las personas que parecían ser los responsables, nos pareció insoslayable hacer las declaraciones que siguen a continuación para dejar establecida para el futuro la posición que asumiremos en este complejo problema.

Nuestra actuación tiene su fundamento en el precepto constitucional que establece en su artículo 63:

"Todo ciudadano tiene derecho a dirigir quejas y peticiones a las autoridades y a recibir la atención o respuestas pertinentes y en plazo adecuado, conforme a la ley".

Amparados en ese postulado de la Ley de Leyes de la nación, es que fuimos a la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular y entregamos ese documento para, en primerísimo lugar, informar sobre el mismo al gobierno del país, por lo que no puede imputársenos ahora actuar a sus espaldas, ni con su desconocimiento.

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