Declaration of Principles for a Participatory Democracy

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Proclaimed by the Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative, Inc. (PDCI)
July 1st, 2011
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The Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative (PDCI) proclaims that a Participatory Democracy aims to provide everyone with the ability to share their part in making decisions, in the monitoring and enforcement of decisions and in the final evaluation of decisions that affect their national destinies and the welfare of every citizen in the political, economic, social and cultural levels.

Inspired by the fundamental principle of true citizen participation, a participatory democracy means a commitment to:

The Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative supports these principles aiming to encourage the ways and means to provide citizens with a decisive capacity for democratic participation, demanding that government programs and initiatives provide equal opportunities for all, condemning the use of violence and promoting dialogue and negotiation in the achievement of policy objectives and decisions affecting the community or the nation.

We believe we own our future and therefore, we must control it.  We also believe that greater democratic participation opens the doors of progress and peace to a better world.

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