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BREAKING NEWS: US Special Counsel Robert Mueller submits his report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished and submitted his investigative report to Attorney General William Barr this Friday at 5:15 pm, ending his nearly two-year investigation that has loomed over the Trump presidency, likely setting up on the following days a political battle over what he has found."

Washington DC, March 22 (– With nearly 70% of Americans wanting the Mueller report released to the public, many people and organizations are asking the American people to send a loud and clear message to the Justice Department that this historic report should be made available to all US Special Counsel Robert Muellerin its full text. They argue that Americans deserve to know the full truth about these grave investigative issues concerning the US President and other members of the US government, whether the truth is good, bad, or ugly so that liberty and justice are preserved for all.

A Department of Justice official declared off the record and at first sight that no further indictments are recommended. In addition, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) reacted to the news arguing that if special counsel Robert Mueller's work concludes without a single collusion-related indictment, it will show there was no collusion between President Trump's campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.


UK Parliament overwhelming vote against May's Brexit deal

Britain's Parliament delivered a crushing defeat to Prime Minister Theresa May's European Union divorce deal Tuesday, plunging the Brexit process into chaos just 17 days before the U.K. is due to leave the bloc."

London, March 13.– With just 17 days to go, Britain’s departure from the European Union was thrown into Theresa Mays facing defeat in her Brexit bidchaos and doubt Tuesday as Parliament delivered a crushing double blow to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit divorce deal and to her authority as leader.

Lawmakers rejected the deal 391-242, ignoring May’s entreaties to back the agreement and end the political chaos and economic uncertainty that Brexit has unleashed. It was a narrower outcome than the historic 230-vote margin of defeat for the agreement in January, before May secured changes from the bloc — but not by much.


Chaos spreads in Venezuela after days without power

The U.S. and more than 50 governments recognize Guaido
as interim president and say Maduro wasn't legitimately re-elected
last year."

Caracas, March 11.– Venezuelans on Monday converged on a polluted river in Caracas to fill water bottles and held scattered protests in several cities as a growing sense of chaos took hold in a country where people have Caracas plunged into darkness for the last 4 dayshad little power, water and communications for days.

A 3-year-old girl with a brain tumor languished in a Caracas hospital, awaiting treatment after doctors started surgery but then suspended the operation when nationwide power outages first hit on Thursday, said the girl's fearful mother, who only gave her first name, Yalimar.


Venezuela & North Korea – Top News this week

  1. Vice President Mike Pence travels to Colombia to press for change in Venezuela.
  2. U.S. President Donald Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while U.S.  The Lima Group summit in Bogota

Feb. 25 (– U.S. Vice President Mike Pence travels to Colombia on Monday, Feb. 25 to meet with the Lima Group of regional leaders who recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela's leader. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held elections last year that many leaders in the international community say were fraudulent.

The white House had announced that “while there, he will meet with Colombian President Ivan Duque, a proven leader on this issue, and other officials from the Western Hemisphere to define concrete steps that support the Venezuelan people and a transition to democracy." During the Lime Group meeting in Bogota, Pence talked about the efforts of the United States and its allies to deliver humanitarian assistance in Venezuela. He said it was time for the region to take a tougher stand in ousting Maduro, but he stopped short of calling for the use of force to oust a man he says represents a threat to the hemisphere. However, he asked the bloc of 14 largely Latin American countries to follow the U.S. lead. Some European envoys were also present at the meeting.

Guaidó, who addressed the Lima Group for the first time on Monday, declared that: “Today, the Maduro regime thinks that blocking humanitarian aid was a victory, they are dancing in Caracas on the graves of indigenous people,” Guaidó said. “They think that by normalizing the crisis they can hold on to power.” He added that the bloc needed to send a strong message.


The rise of Millennial Socialism

A new kind of left-wing doctrine is emerging, but it is not the answer to capitalism

Feb.14.– After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 20th century’s ideological contest seemed over. Capitalism had won and socialism became a byword for economic failure and political oppression. It limped on in fringe meetings, failing states and the turgid liturgy of the Chinese Communist Party. Today, 30 years on, socialism is back in fashion.

 In America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a newly elected congresswoman who calls herself a democratic socialist, has become a sensation even as the growing field of Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 veers left. In Britain Jeremy Corbyn, the hardline leader of the Labour Party, could yet win the keys to 10 Downing Street.