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50 Key Statistics About Freedom of the Internet Around the World

Sept. 6 (PIA Research Team).– Almost every part of our everyday lives is closely connected to the internet Internet freedom world map– we depend on it for communication, entertainment, information, running our households, even running our cars.

Not everyone in the world has access to the same features and content on the internet, though, with some governments imposing restrictions on what you can do online. This severely limits internet freedom and, with it, the quality of life and other rights of the affected users.

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Usemos fuentes de información confiables en la Red

Se estima que pasan de 4 millones los pedidos introducidos en Google en forma de palabras o frases en todos los idiomas y los resultados que ofrece ese medio es uno de los que mayor influencia tiene en el mundo en cuestiones económicas, comerciales y políticas. Los resultados se basan en "algoritmos" (instrucciones secuenciales de programación para resolver un problema o dar una respuesta).

Aunque los ejecutivos dicen que el programa no está sometido a influencia humana, lo cierto es que es confeccionado por humanos y que Google ha rediseñado e interferido cada vez más con los resultados de búsqueda en un grado mucho mayor de lo que reconoce la empresa. Por eso, la NBC, que ciertamente NO es un medio conservador, ha afirmado que: «Google isn't necessarily focused on giving users the most trustworthy or balanced information» y recoge palabras de Safiya U. Noble, una notable experta en comunicaciones, que señala: «What shows up on the first page of search is typically highly optimized advertising-related content, because its clients are paying Google for placement on the first page either through direct engagement with Google's AdWords program or through a gray market of search engine optimization products.»

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What we know about the "unprecedented" cyberattack that hit the United States

  • Around the world, thousands of companies and institutions must verify if they are using a trick version of the software of the Texas company SolarWinds, at the heart of a cyberattack against several American government agencies.

Paris, Dec. 19.– A large-scale cyberattack had struck several government departments in the United States for several months, without the authorities realizing it. Until this week. Given its duration and the institutions affected, the attack represents a "serious risk" and the measures to thwart it will be "extremely complex and difficult" , warned the US agency in charge of cybersecurity and infrastructure security. (Cisa). 

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